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Mastering Dog Walks

Walking is more than just a fun way to stay fit. The benefits of walking your dog are aplenty. Dogs thrive on routine, so regular walks are great for maintaining their mental and physical health. Walking also allows you and your furry friend to spend quality time together while enjoying the great outdoors. Whether strolling around the neighborhood or exploring nature, learning to master dog walks is a must. Here are some tips so you and your pooch can strut in style.

Stop and smell the roses

Your dog thrives on the mental stimulation of sniffing the world around him or her. While you may not kneel to smell the grass alongside your pooch, you can enjoy the moment, too. Take a deep breath while appreciating your surroundings: the trees around you or your nice neighbor gardening in her yard.

Mind the time

Most dogs love a walk between 20 to 30 minutes, although the length of time depends on age, breed and other physical conditions. Senior dogs and puppies may prefer shorter walks, while breeds like Border Collies need more exercise. If you’re unsure of the amount of physical activity your pooch needs, consult your veterinarian.

Have a change of scenery

Walks around the neighborhood are easy to manage and great ways to visit with neighbors in their driveways, but the constant routine can become mundane. Visiting the park or nature trails becomes a fun activity to look forward to and to enjoy when you please.

Stay alpha dog

Train your dog to stop pulling and remind them you’re alpha dog by leading the walk. After the walk, have them wait with you while you put away walking supplies.

Tech makes walking a breeze

The classic lease and collar combo may threaten the safety of dogs who pull. The constant tension puts too much pressure on their throats and trachea, causing damage over time. Your dog may benefit from a front-clip harness.

Scoop their poop

While it’s not the highlight of the activity, be courteous to yard-owners or fellow dog walkers by picking up your pooch’s poop. Luckily, if it’s a short walk around the neighborhood, you won’t carry the bag for too long.

Reward the hard work

Cooling down is an important part of any physical activity. Remember to take care of yourself and your dog. Reward your pooch by giving him or her a drink of water and a treat. If your dog has worked up an appetite, they may be ready for dinner!

Using these tips and tricks makes walking your dog a blast by balancing both fitness and fun. Our team at Dog Day, Every Day! is invested in your dog’s wellness, too. For that reason, we have both full and part-time doggy daycare, complete with an outdoor play area. Great for all dogs, whether they’re puppies or seniors, your dogs can stay fit and social in between your walks together. Visit us today!

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