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When it comes to America’s favorite dog breed, Labrador Retrievers take the gold, and there’s no question why. Kind and lovable, Labs are the perfect family pets and make great therapy dogs. Whether you’re looking to learn more about your pup or are hoping to adopt, read about our favorite facts about Labrador Retrievers.

Labrador Retriever History

Have you ever wondered why Labs are called retrievers? Their ancestry leads back to St. John’s Water Dogs, a now-extinct Canadian breed known for fishing. By the 1800s, these fishing dogs were introduced to Britain and were bred with hunting dogs, creating the Labrador Retriever. No wonder they love a game of fetch!

Labrador Retriever Personality

Labrador Retrievers were the inspiration for the saying, “dogs are a man’s best friend.” These pups have dynamic personalities, helping them adapt to any situation. They make friends easily due to their sweet and fun-loving nature. But they also carry a strong sense of duty, creating deep respect for their people. In addition to being great family dogs, their responsible nature helps them work hard as hunting and therapy dogs.

Labrador Retriever Health

Because of their build and love for exercise, Labrador Retrievers are healthy, both physically and physiologically. However, no one is invincible. This breed can be at risk of medical conditions, such as exercise-induced collapse or bloat. Keep an eye on her health and take him to the veterinarian for regular checkups. She also needs a regular workout regimen and a well-balanced diet.

Labrador Retriever Care

With their laid-back attitude, Labs are low maintenance. Keep up with his hygiene with regular grooming and brush him once a week, especially during summer. They’re known to have big appetites. While your pup loves treats and extra meals, remember food should be in moderation. And finally, Labs love to be active. Exercise becomes a game when playing fetch or taking him to the dog park.

Labrador Retriever Fun Facts

Since we’ve gone over the basics about Labrador Retrievers, here are some fun facts about our furry friends:

  • Their name may have been coined by the Earl of Malmesbury. After breeding St. John’s Water Dogs with British hunting dogs, it’s said he called the puppies “Labrador dogs.”
  • Labs are sporty! Because of their hunting origins, they’re known for running fast, reaching 12 miles an hour.
  • Along with their hunting dog heritage, Labrador Retrievers have fishing dog in them. With a double coat and webbed feet, they’re able to swim with ease and love it too.
  • They’re often dogs with jobs! Around 70 percent of therapy dogs are Labs. However, they’re not known to be a jack of all trades. Some say they aren’t the best guard dogs due to their friendly nature.

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