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How To Choose A Doggy Daycare

As much as you might like, you can’t realistically be with your dog every moment of every day. Whether you work long hours outside the home or your furry friend gets bored and lonely, they sometimes need a safe place to stay where they are loved and taken care of.

That’s where doggy daycares come in. Doggy daycares are an excellent option to entertain and take care of your pet while you are away. They can offer the mental stimulation, socialization and exercise they wouldn’t get by being home alone.

With so many doggy daycares out there, how do you know which one to choose? We’ve been in the doggy daycare business for a long time, and we recommend the following tips to find a daycare that is right for you and your pet.

Tip #1: Use your network

Contact your friends or neighbors who also have pets to see what they recommend and which daycares they have used. They are likely to give you their honest feedback about their own experience and help you feel more at ease. Your vet could also be a good resource.

Tip #2: Determine the amenities your dog would need or enjoy

If your dog is active and would benefit from exercise, look for a daycare that has fenced outdoor areas where your dog can safely run, roam and play. Your dog might enjoy small group playtime, training, or a quiet place where they can rest or decompress. Some doggy daycares offer boarding, spa services and training that would be convenient to take advantage of during their stay.

Tip #3: Do some online research

Check out online reviews from pet owners who have used the doggy daycare you are researching. If you are in any neighborhood or local Facebook groups, ask if the group members have had any personal experience with local daycare options.

Tip #4: Tour the facility

Ask the daycare manager if you can stop by for a tour. This will allow you to see first-hand the environment your dog will be staying in. Look for cleanliness, the attentiveness of the staff, if the dogs seem entertained and happy, and if they are grouped or separated appropriately.

Tip #5: Ask questions about dog-to-staff ratios

Your state may have specific guidelines, but the International Boarding and Pet Care Services Association recommends a ratio of 15 dogs to one person as a safe standard.

Tip #6 Ask about staff members

In addition to staff/doggy ratios, ask about the qualifications of the owner, manager and staff members. What is the average length of employment? Are they fully staffed?

Once you choose a doggy daycare and your dog has spent some time there, observe your pet’s behavior when you arrive home, and when you drop them off the next time. Any consistent reluctance to enter the doggy daycare might be a sign that it’s not the right fit for your dog.

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