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How To Avoid Heat Exhaustion In Dogs

Embracing the summer means spending time outdoors, lounging by the pool and rocking a cool new pair of shades. With your furry friend by your side, enjoying the summer will be a breeze. As temperatures rise, it’s important to remember your furry friend wears a thick, fluffy coat and has a small nose, meaning they’re more sensitive to the heat.

Your dog is always happy to be with you, especially while doing fun activities outdoors, but spending too much time in hot environments causes dehydration and rising body temperatures. If you’re not careful, this can lead to heat exhaustion or heat stroke, which can have dangerous, or even fatal, consequences.

Heat exhaustion in dogs

Some dogs are more susceptible to heat exhaustion. Senior dogs with medical conditions work harder to maintain healthy temperatures in the heat. Even pugs with flat faces can struggle to breathe in humidity. But all dogs can suffer heatstroke.

We’re able to sweat and fan ourselves to beat the heat, but our dogs are limited in ways to cool off. It’s up to us to help keep them safe and comfortable during these hot months.

Symptoms of heat exhaustion in dogs

The first step to preventing heat exhaustion is knowing the symptoms. Keep an eye out for signs of dehydration. When your dog isn’t drinking enough water, their noses dry up and they don’t produce enough urine. Your dog can’t tell you they’re too hot, but you can still listen for the signs.

Your pooch will pant louder and more often. This is a cooling mechanism but doesn’t replace a cool drink of water. As your dog’s temperature rises, their heart beats faster, so check their heart rate while giving them a good pet.

Your pup may also seem sleepy or dizzy. If you notice these signs, bring your dog to an air-conditioned environment with fresh water to drink. This will help them cool down. If their symptoms worsen or their temperature reaches 103-106°F, consult your veterinarian or an animal hospital.

How to prevent heat exhaustion in dogs

Enjoy the sunny days by taking steps to prevent heatstroke. Stay comfortable by keeping the air-conditioning on while indoors and be mindful of the amount of time spent outdoors. During playtime and exercise, bring lots of water and stick to the shade as much as possible. If your dog enjoys water, they will have fun splashing around in a kiddie pool or with a hose. Even dog parks often have water sources so they can stay hydrated while playing with their furry friends. While running errands or going on adventures, remember to never leave your dog in parked cars, even for a few minutes.

Another tip is to brush your dog and bring them to the groomers. Regular grooming cuts down on the weight and density of their coats, helping them stay cool. Our professional and pet-loving staff at Dog Day, Every Day! are happy to help. Our baths include a refreshing blow dry and brush, while our Shed-Less Treatments limits shedding. This is ideal for the time in between grooms. Bring your pup to meet us today! For more pet care tips and our latest updates, check us out on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest!

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