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Grooming Your Dog For Warmer Weather

Spring cleaning takes on a new meaning when it comes to pampering your pooch. As the weather gets warmer, remember your dog’s furry coat. If you’re sweating in the heat, your pup feels it, too. Grooming your dog weekly helps them feel fantastic both inside and out — indoors and outdoors, too! Try these grooming tips and tricks to get your dog ready for the warm weather.

Home Salon: Grooming Tips for Spring and Summer

Getting Started: Begin by helping your dog relax. Pet them with long, slow strokes and massage their ears to reduce their stress and create a safe environment.

Coat Care: Brush your pup’s fur daily to add shine. If there are mats, brush gently. We recommend bringing your dog to a professional groomer to safely trim their locks.

Pedicure: Trimmed nails gives your dog an extra pep to their step. Remember to cut before the quick. If it’s difficult to spot, shine a light under the nail. Outside of grooming, play with and hold your pup’s paws so they’ll feel comfortable during the trim.

Facials: Wipe away eye goops and delicately dab a cotton ball with ear-cleaning solution around their ears. Brush your pup’s teeth to keep them pearly white.

After-Care: Whether your dog loves being pampered or the extra attention is anxiety-inducing, give your doggie some love. Thank them with a massage and treat for doing a good job.

The Spa Experience

While we love the warm weather, remember to groom your dog year around. In addition to at-home maintenance, we recommend taking your pup to a professional groomer. As West Chester’s local groomer, Dog Day, Every Day! values both safety and style. We cater to your dog’s breed and your creative vision.

Dog Day, Every Day! groomers strive for a relaxing spa experience. Our services include pawdicures and baths, including blowout complete with a blow-dry and brush. Tame shedding season with our shedding-centered add-ons. The Shed-less treatment or package removes excess hair, helping your dog stay cool in the heat. Another favorite, our Blueberry Facial features a massage around their face, leaving them feeling bright with a coat to match. Drop by for a visit and see for yourself! For more pet care tips and our latest updates, check us out on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest!

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