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While praised as England’s sweetheart, bulldogs are adored worldwide. Beloved for their distinctive features like their stout frame and adorable wrinkly faces, bulldogs have a great personality to match. They’re one of the top 10 most popular breeds in America for a reason! If you’re looking to learn more about your bulldog or have your eye on a pup from the shelter, check out our favorite facts below. 

Bulldog History

Bulldogs were bred between the Pug and Mastiff in 5th century England. They were trained to herd livestock, though, by Medieval times, they were used to fight bulls for sport. Thankfully, due to animal cruelty laws, England banned bull-baiting in the 1800s. After beginning their new era, bulldogs rose in popularity and have been bred to create many types. Now, they’re a part of a large, loving family. Their cousins have a variety of origins like the French bulldog and the Ca de Bou, originally from Majorca.

Bulldog Personality

With their flat faces and undershot jaws, bulldogs have a regal air about them. Their courage and determination mirror that of British ideals, making them a national icon. Whenever you’re near one, you’ll feel like you’re in the company of royalty. Though their agreeable nature makes them easy to train, you may find your American bulldog can be stubborn at times. But we can’t blame her. Who likes being told what to do?

Bulldog Health

Though small and mighty, bulldogs are susceptible to several health conditions. They are known to have hereditary concerns like cardiac and respiratory disease or hip dysplasia. When looking into his sweet eyes, you may notice some redness in the pupils. This condition is called cherry eye. And while bred for their pressed-in faces, these features can make it difficult to breathe. Keep an eye on his temperament and stick to cool shades areas in warm weather so he doesn’t overheat. Take your pup to the veterinarian for regular checkups, or if you notice anything out of the ordinary.

Bulldog Care And Keeping

Bulldogs have easygoing personalities, which makes taking care of them a breeze. Like all dogs, they thrive on consistent schedules with regular walks and high-quality dog food. They love food, but remember to feed your English bulldog in moderation. When it comes to grooming, brush him twice daily with a soft or rubber curry brush. During this grooming session, clean his wrinkles with diluted hydrogen peroxide and wrinkle ointment to prevent bacteria. This ensures your English bulldog stays healthy and beautiful.

Bulldog Fun Facts

  • Symbolizing will and courage, bulldogs are mascots for several American colleges. 
  • Though dating back to the late 19th century, Victorian bulldogs didn’t rise to popularity until the 1980s.
  • John D. Johnson and Allen Scott are credited for breeding the American bulldog. 
  • Bulldogs love fun and games. Surprise her with some fun toys and play tug-of-war!

Bulldogs have been fan-favorites for centuries. At Dog Day, Every Day!, we’re huge fans, too. Whether your bulldog wants to make friends at our doggie daycare full time or part time, we have him covered. Check out the variety of services we offer and become a member today! For more pet care tips and our latest updates, check us out on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest!