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With their bright spirits, Boxers are the life of the party! They’re praised for their versatile personalities and ranked as America’s 14th most popular breed, according to the American Kennel Club. For Boxer buffs wanting to learn more about their pup, or for those hoping to bring one into the family, read on for Boxers 101.

Boxers History

Boxers have a rich history originating from the Old English Bulldog and the now-extinct Bullenbeisser (“bull-biter”) in late 19th century Germany. Inheriting the breeds’ strength and agility, Boxers excelled as hunting dogs. These traits paired with a sturdy build helped them hunt wild boar and deer with ease. Over time, as Boxers gained popularity, they found themselves in the spotlight. The breed, once known for hunting, boasted high praise in dog shows.

Boxers Personality

Despite Boxers’ hunting dog days, they’re lovers, not fighters, with wonderful personalities. They’re incredibly sweet and loyal toward their loved ones, making them great family dogs. However, remember to socialize them as early as possible. Their loyalty paired with their instinctively protective tendencies from their hunting dog days may become dangerous if they don’t learn to feel comfortable around strangers and new experiences.

Boxers Health

Boxers tend to be a very healthy breed. Their upbeat personality and love for activity makes exercise a breeze. However, no one is immune from health concerns. Take her to the vet for frequent check-ups and screenings for hip dysplasia and heart conditions.

Additionally, because of their short fur, Boxers don’t have a high tolerance for extreme temperatures. To ensure their comfort and safety, keep him as a house dog, limiting prolonged exposure when the weather is too hot or cold.

Boxers Care & Keeping

Natural athletes, Boxers are known for their energy and agility. Keep her active with routine exercise. Frequent play with interactive toys and walks also provides an outlet for her energy, helping her stay healthy and happy. Like all dogs, keep in mind the limits of your Boxer’s ability. Too much exercise as puppies may cause joint issues in adulthood and for seniors, may take a toll on her body. It’s important to find a happy medium.

Boxers Fun Facts

  • Their loyal and protective nature makes Boxers exceptional service dogs, especially for people with epilepsy and other health conditions.
  • Boxers earned their name due to the way they play! When playing, they stand on their hind legs and bat their front paws like a boxer.
  • In addition to being praised at dog shows, Hollywood stars like Humphrey Bogart adored Boxers, too. They just can’t stay out of the spotlight!

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