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8 Summer Dog Grooming Tips


The dog days of summer are in full bark and this season is particularly challenging for us pet parents. This summer was already expected to be a “ruff” one for mosquitos and ticks, but the recent severe rains have made it even worse. Now that the heat is on and we’re able to be outside more, it’s more important than ever to be diligent about grooming our beloved furbabies.

Coat Length

Shorter hair not only keeps your dog cooler in the heat, but it’s also a must to more easily check for fleas, ticks and bug bites. It’s important to strike the proper balance though. If the hair is too short, your dog is more susceptible to sunburn. The professional groomers at West Chester’s Dog Day, Every Day! can guide you to finding the right style that protects your pooch.

Paw Care

We’ve talked before about the dangers of sidewalk heat on your dog’s paws, but extra time outside can cause other issues. Your dog’s paw pads are sensitive and the heat can cause dryness, which can lead to cracks and even small tears. In between professional pawdicure visits, apply a balm to avoid any issues. There are plenty of balms on the market, but the one we like best is the organic paw soother from the Natural Dog Company. This balm is handcrafted with no artificial preservatives or harmful ingredients, and it comes in a convenient stick for easier application. It also works on rough noses and elbows.

Jagged nails are also a big problem in the summer. While this might not cause your dog any serious issues, we’ve all felt the effects of jagged nails when our furbaby jumps into our lap. At Dog Day, we offer professional pawdicures where we trim the nails and dremel them to a smooth finish.


Playing outside means your dog will get dirtier faster. Whether they’re rolling in the grass or in a dirt or mud patch, summer is the time for regular baths. Our baths include a blow dry and thorough brushing, but we also recommend a Shed-Less package. You’ve probably noticed an increase in shedding in your home. This is natural this time of year and while this is nature’s way of keeping your dog cooler, it certainly doesn’t make house-keeping any easier. Our Shed-Less package combines our famous shed-less treatment along with 15 minutes of brushing with the patented FURminator tool. This reduces shedding up to 90 percent.

Having fun in the sun is a great way to bond with your dog and make memories that will last a lifetime. Show your dog how thankful you are for him or her by calling 513-860-DOGS (3647) to enroll them at Dog Day, Every Day!, where they can run freely, enjoy our water days and play in a happy and safe environment full or part-time when you can’t be with them. And don’t forget to check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for more tips and updates!

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