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Is your pup ready for his or her close-up? Everyone loves their turn in the spotlight and your dog does, too. We’ve all been there: seeing your dog as his adorable self and needing to take a pic with him immediately. Documenting these moments with your dog is just as important as walking or playing with her. It’s more than just a selfie, it’s a reminder of the love you share and the fun you have together. 

You can share on social media for friends and family, but finding these photos on your camera roll is extra special. Having selfies with your dog means that even when you’re apart, whether at work or on vacation, you can look at these pictures and relive the moments. Whether you’re a selfie-pro or just getting started, we have your back with our guide on capturing the perfect photo of you and your furry friend. 

General Photo Guidelines For Taking Selfies

It’s important to know the rules to break them. In this case, you must know the rules of how to take the perfect selfie on your own before including your pooch. Perfect the art of the selfie with these quick tips:

  • Use good lighting with a solid source. Natural light will give your selfie more authenticity than fluorescent lights or artificial filters.
  • Find your best angle to accentuate your features.

Now Add Your Pet To Your Selfie

After familiarizing yourself with general selfie guidelines, you can add your pup into the mix. Integrate the steps from above when including your dog. Great lighting and angles will make her close-up stunning, too! Our furry friends don’t know the rules of the road so it may take some time for them to get comfortable. Here are some tips and tricks for catching the perfect shot:

  • Release energy with a play session beforehand. This will help him calm down and get comfortable.
  • The best time for a selfie session is when he’s relaxed. When he comes to you asking for pets or cuddles with you on the couch, he’s in a great emotional state to take that selfie! 
  • Patience is a virtue. If your pup is especially silly, it might take time for her to settle. Be patient as she gets comfortable staying still in front of the camera. 
  • Everyone loves a treat and dogs are always happy to take a bribe. Telling him to sit or lay down with the promise of a treat will encourage him to obey. If he needs an extra nudge to focus on the camera, hold a treat in one hand beside the phone in your other.
  • The photo session should be a collaboration. Keep in mind your pup’s personality and match her energy to make the selfie authentic. Remember taking photos with your pup is more than just the final product — the process of taking the photo is half the fun.

When taking selfies, you love to look your best and you want your dog to look great, too. Before capturing the perfect selfie, treat them to a spa day. Our professional groomers will give her a bath and brushing to make her coat extra shiny. Visit us and meet our pet-loving staff today! For more pet care tips and our latest updates, check us out on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest!